Gap of Time Block #23

Gap of Time Block #23
Gap of Time Block #23

The time might be different from the concept that we have learned. The past, present, and future might be each floating in one place.
In one series, I was painting travel landscape “trip to…” which was collaged with newspaper to put the viewer into the place’s time.
This landscape painted series was created using a abstract method following the above time’s concept.

そう仮定し、かつて制作していた旅の風景画シリーズ “trip to” の現地の時間を取り込むようにコラージュしていた新聞を、違ったそれぞれの時空が浮遊していると仮定して、それを抽象化した作品たち。

【タイトル】時の隙間 ブロック #23


Product body: Original Painting
Title: Gap of Time Block #23
Concept: It might be mixing many kind of time in a same place and same moment.

Painted by nao morigo
Paint year: 2016
Size:about 10cm×10cm×height 3.5cm